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Maurice R. Greenberg
Chairman and CEO of C.V. Starr & Co. Inc., Starr Insurance Companies and The Starr Foundation
Lord Peter Levene
Chairman, Starr Underwriting Agents Ltd, United Kingdom
Howard I. Smith
Director and Vice Chairman, Finance, C.V. Starr & Co., Inc.
Steve Blakey
President, Starr Insurance Holdings
Richard N. Shaak
President, International Insurance
Nehemiah E. Ginsburg
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Dorothy Ying Dong
Vice Chairman, Starr Property & Casualty (China) Co., LLC and President of Starr International Investment Advisors (Asia) Limited
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13 June 2023
Away from the routine and loving it. Protect your next escape with travel insurance from Starr covering Trip Delay, Trip Cancellation, Medical and more. To learn more visit https://t.co/oz72BuEspy. #travel #insurance #traveltuesday https://t.co/X2jOU83uhz
12 June 2023
According to the @shippingics, the global shipping industry is responsible for transporting around 90% of world trade, with an estimated 50,000 merchant ships currently operating. via @YahooFinance https://t.co/DuB4BYHgY5
12 June 2023
On this remarkable day, we look back at our freedom. Happy Independence Day! https://t.co/iWvdkm3oa4