Insuring USAID contractors at work around the world

Starr Insurance Companies was awarded the sole source Defense Base Act (DBA) insurance contract for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) effective May 11th, 2022*. We are committed to providing excellent coverage and consistent service and responsiveness to participating USAID contractors who rely on this important insurance program to help protect their employees wherever they’re deployed. Starr is a leading provider of DBA insurance for US government contractors operating in foreign markets worldwide.


How do I apply for a USAID Defense Base Act policy?
  • Marsh MMA is the managing insurance broker for Starr’s USAID insurance policies, and Gallagher Bassett Services is the TPA for claims administration.
  • Complete and sign this application
  • Send completed application to
What information is needed when a loss (injury or fatality) occurs?
  • Employer information – Incident report, hire date, wage information, employee ID, supervisor name and contact information, supervisor statement, witness statements, police or military reports of incident, media reports of incident.
  • Claimant information
    • For Death – birth and death certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable), widow ID, family contact information, banking information for widow, beneficiary information (birth certificates, IDs), if previously married divorce decree or ID of the additional beneficiaries.
    • For Injuries – passport, banking information, statement, medical information along with provider information including phone and address
  • Where to Report Claims:
    How do I establish a direct pay program through Gallagher Bassett for employer designated medical facilities?
    • Gallagher Bassett just needs the name and location of the clinic. They will contact the clinic to set up a direct pay program (not applicable everywhere, varies depending upon the institution).
    What is the process for requesting contract reimbursement from Gallagher Bassett when the contract has paid for medical care, transportation, and other related expenses?
    The employer should send all bills to the following contacts and Gallagher Bassett:
    Apply now for Defense Base Act (DBA) Insurance Program
    Bryan Cessna
    Tel: 302.249.6780